Cat Who Saved Owner’s Life Joins Animal Hall of Fame

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By Karen Harrison Binette

Chyrl Field's heroic cat Meskie was inducted into the 2014 Purina Animal Hall of Fame (CNW Group/Purina Animal Hall of Fame)
Chyrl Field’s heroic cat Meskie was inducted into the 2014 Purina Animal Hall of Fame
(CNW Group/Purina Animal Hall of Fame)


Meskie the cat was honored this week for saving herself and her mobility impaired petmom when a fast moving fire broke out at their home. Meskie is also credited with getting the fire department on scene quickly, before the fire spread to nearby dry timber and other homes.

TORONTO, May 5, 2014 /CNW/ –  On Monday morning, May 5, Purina honored tremendous acts of animal bravery from loyal Canadian pets and a service animal at the 46th Annual Purina Hall of Fame, hosted at Purina PawsWay, its permanent home. This year’s Inductees, comprised of three canine pets, one service dog, and a courageous cat, were honored for the extraordinary actions they took to protect a human life – demonstrating the unique and powerful bond that exists between animals and people. Sadly, two canines were honored posthumously.

“Every year, these stories not only capture our hearts, but the hearts of the entire country,” said Susan Molenda, Vice President, Nestlé Purina PetCare. “This year’s Inductees overcame incredible obstacles such as a vicious black bear attack, a partially frozen river, a house fire and a dangerous criminal – literally putting their lives in harm’s way to keep humans safe.”

Many pet owners undoubtedly think of their pets as family. It is stories like the ones shared through the Purina Animal Hall of Fame that show us, unquestionably, the loyalty, protection and love that animals provide – enhancing the lives of everyone around them. The 2014 Inductees have proven themselves to be courageous and devoted animals that put their lives at risk to ensure the safety of the humans around them.

This year’s one cat is Meskie, who saved her owner’s life as well as her own when a fire broke out at their home. Friends say Meskie likely spared other houses in the community from the fire when she forcefully alerted her petmom to the danger.


Meskie, a 17-year-old Calico-Angora mixed cat from Little Shemogue, New Brunswick stole Chyrl Field’s heart away the moment she laid eyes on her. Chyrl, a 67-year-old retiree, is a life-long pet lover. Living alone in her New Brunswick home, Chyrl developed some health issues over the years including a bad hip, knee and heart, so it helped having a loyal companion with a soft and tender personality by her side.

On the evening of August 8th, 2013, Chyrl fell asleep in her reclining chair only to wake up to Meskie forcefully pouncing on her stomach. Chyrl understood from Meskie’s peculiar behavior that something was wrong and followed her into the kitchen where she noticed that the front of her house was on fire. Chyrl grabbed Meskie and dialed 911 for help. Fleeing from her home wearing only a nightgown, Chyrl got into her car and pulled away from the house. By the time she was able to back her car away, the flames from the house fire were so intense that the paint on her car was blistering from the heat. If it had not been for Meskie alerting Chyrl to the fire that night – Chyrl knows the pair would have perished.


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