Tiny Kitten Missing Paw Gets Help

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By Karen Harrison Binette

Photo: Donna J. Conversano/Conversano Images


Ed Note: The video report on Peggy’s story begins on autostart. You can pause the video until you are ready to view/listen.

Peggy is a tiny kitten who is getting help for a damaged paw that could have ended her life had she not been rescued in time. The local community pitched in and raised all the money needed for Peggy’s care in just one day.

Peggy came to Clay Humane’s free spay/neuter clinic in Orange Park, Florida with a group of strays and was immediately given help for a raw and partially missing front paw. Vet staff treated the wound to inhibit infection and planned for a partial leg amputation surgery.

Local media outlets that covered the story on Monday, May 5 passed along the Clay County Humane Society’s call for donations to help with Peggy’s medical care, and the goal amount was quickly met. Peggy’s caregivers figured they’d need between $1,000 – $1,200 for her surgery and care. At least $1,200 was received by Tuesday morning, between walk-ins at the clinic and a donation page online, and donations continued after the goal was met.

“It is lucky the tiny kitten made her way to our low-cost veterinary clinic as quickly as she did,” said Dr. Christian Broadhurst, Clay Humane senior staff veterinarian. “The spread of infection in the open wound would have certainly cost little Peggy her life.”

Peggy’s vets think she is 4 to 5 weeks old. There has been plenty of interest in adopting Peggy, and she will be made available when she is old enough and healed.

Her vets hoped to perform Peggy’s surgery today. They have no idea how Peggy was injured, and there has been no suggestion of abuse as the cause.

Any monies raised over the needed amount for Peggy will remain available in Peggy’s Fund to be used in the future to help other animals in need of medical care.

 You can see Peggy (wearing her protective cast) and learn more about the story in the video below:








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  1. Jeez-o-pete! A warning about a photo like that would be nice. Three ways to handle bloody stump pictures:

    1. Put the cute picture with the yellow cast at the top!!!! Then you could put the bloody stump picture at the bottom of the article, and put an alert at the top of the article.

    2. You could not show the bloody stump part and then link (with a warning) to the place that hosts it.

    3. You could simply not include the bloody stump at all.

  2. I am a CVT and 12 years ago a client of mine brought in a kitten with the exact same injury, except is was a bit older. I managed to get the infection under control and was amazed at how well the kitten continued to walk on the stump. The vets wanted to amputate the entire limb but I declined because he did everything a cat could do. However,a s he grew older the muscles in his shoulder started to break down because of the mismatch in length of both front legs. My husband dsigned a prosthetic “shoe” that brought him back “into alignment.” I’m happy to report that that kitten turns 12 next week. He has lived all his life so far with his prosthetic and it has not stopped him from doing anything. He runs, jumps, etc. Animals don’t know that they have a disability; they never cease to amaze me.

  3. The pupil thing could just be a result of the lighting. E.g. the light is shining a bit brighter into one eye than the other. It happens with all animals including humans. However if not the lighting I wouldn’t have thought it would cause much damage beyond the kitten thinking it’s a bit darker or brighter than it should be.

  4. Are there any funds left to help a feral cat who had is back paw amputated after being caught in a tarp in salt lake city utah? Best friends helped to get him neutered but the stub is raw and bleeds. He uses the stub to walk. Not good candidate for release. Have him in a kennel waiting to find vet willing to treat and some one willing to adopt him.

  5. we adopted a 3 paw cat last week. he is approx 1 year old. likely birth defect. rear leg is missing paw. he tries to walk on leg but it is obviously painful. any recommendations on prosthetics would be appreciated

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