Cat Returned Home After Hitchhiking 90 Miles

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Photo source: Casey Page/Gazette staff
Photo source: Casey Page/Gazette staff

No thumbs, no problem – Mufasa the cat still managed to hitch a ride which took him 90 miles from home.

Jessie Connolly of Big Timber, Montana describes her cat, Mufasa, as having an adventurous streak. She saw Mufasa around 7 am on Friday morning, but wouldn’t see her cat again for about four days.

Ten-year-old Mufasa somehow trekked over six miles to a Big Timber gas station near his home on Friday. There, the cat climbed onto the flatbed of a pickup, heading out for a ride unnoticed when the driver returned.

The pickup headed out onto I-90. Mufasa was eventually spotted by the driver of another vehicle, who called 911 to report that the cat was struggling to hold on to the pickup’s bed. Montana Highway Patrol Trooper Alexander Velasquez took the call and pulled over the pickup’s driver, who was unaware of his stowaway passenger.

Velasquez took Mufasa and started looking for a shelter in Billings, but found that many of them were full. Velasquez found space for the cat at Billings Animal Rescue Kare, and the rescue posted Mufasa’s story on Facebook and Big Timber Buzz

The Big Timber Buzz post about Mufasa alerted Connolly to the fact that her cat had hitchhiked more than 90 miles from her home, and she contacted Billings Animal Rescue Kare to set up a time to pick Mufasa up. Connolly generously donated to Billings Animal Rescue Kare to help offset their expenses of caring for Mufasa.

This isn’t the first time that Mufasa’s gotten himself into trouble. He’s been previously bitten by a rattlesnake and was on the receiving end of a high-pressure water hose. Hopefully this latest trip has satisfied Mufasa’s adventurous side, at least for the time being.

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