Cats Only Vets Put Felines First

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If you’re putting off a trip the the vet because it’s stressful for you and your kitties, consider going to a cats-only practice.

“No barking, no dogs, no smell, no stress” all make the Scaredy Cat Hospital of Scottsdale, Arizona appealing to cat owners.

Not only is the environment cat friendly, the vets at feline-centric practices, such as Dr. Jonathan Grant and Angela Wood at Scaredy Cat, specialize in how to care for cats and won’t treat them like second-class citizens.

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(Scaredy Cat Hospital)

The Website for the American Association of Feline Practitioners can help you find a cat friendly hospital in your area!

The Cat Doctor of Houston, Texas is another practice that emphasizes the importance of finding a pet caregiver who knows the special needs of cats, including their dietary requirements and unique physiology.

To learn more about why serious cat care is overlooked by many vets and why that needs to change, check out this article by Dr. Eric Barchas, who says America’s most popular pet deserves only the best when it comes to their health care needs. And consider visiting this advertisement-free Website, Paws and Effects, for more health tips and advice.

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