“Butcher of Bakersfield” Gives Impromptu On-Camera Interview


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By Karen Harrison Binette

Jason Wilmert made international headlines as the “cat eater”. He tells his story in a manner intended to make his actions seem less creepy. He does not succeed.
We never saw Jason Wilmert when the story that accompanied his court case made international news. His mug shot was not passed around, and the judge barred cameras from the court in order to protect him. Yesterday, the Oildale, california man gave an on-camera interview to a crew from KBAK/KBFX that came to his house after an attempted burglary.

Wilmert was arrested on February 3 after a neighbor reported hearing a terrible wailing and finding Wilmert butchering a live cat in his back yard. Sheriff’s Department officers told neighbors they had evidence that Wilmert was eating cats, and the butchered cat was found laying in the sink.

In his interview, Wilmert gives a very different story where he claims the cat was dead when he found it, and he was trying to dispose of the body. He does not give a direct response when asked if he eats cats, but suggests it is something he has done with his hunting license when he is camping. It is illegal to eat a companion animal in California.

Wilmert pled to cat eating, and the misdemeanor charge of animal abuse was dropped, along with some other old charges for unrelated infractions. He was given probation and told to attend counseling through a County program. As we reported shortly after the case was resolved, many neighbors, animal organizations and area residents are not happy with the outcome and his return to the community.

For more on the case, see Neighbors Upset as Cat Eating Butcher Goes Free.

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7 thoughts on ““Butcher of Bakersfield” Gives Impromptu On-Camera Interview”

  1. Why this guy received a slap on the wrist is beyond any comprehension. He should be serving time in prison or a mental institution. And for a VERY long time!

  2. This sick piece of garbage needs “special treatment,” if you know what I mean. It should consist of ONE treatment. That’s all he would need, and another poor animal would never suffer at his hands again. Somebody in his vicinity should have the imagination & guts to get him “handled.” If I see him, we’ll have a serious “talk.”

  3. Counseling? You’ve got to be crazy as he is!!! My husband & I started a non-profit cat sanctuary (F.A.T. Cat Haven) and rescue as many stray, abused cats that we can aford to. This makes me ill. I am currently shaking and crying at what has been done and what he has been doing for who knows how long. What is wrong with our justice system! I cannot discribe my outrage!

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