Black Cat Appreciation Day


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By Karen Harrison Binette

One man got the idea to honor black cats and highlight their plight as the last to be adopted at many shelters by designating Wednesday, August 17 as Black Cat Appreciation Day. Thanks to successful social networking efforts over the summer, the online event and its offshoots have made the day a big success.

Wayne Morris got the notion to honor both his sister and a beloved family pet, along with black cats everywhere, when he chose August 17 as Black Cat Appreciation Day earlier this year. He networked tirelessly and received hundreds ofย  photos and notes posted to the wall of his Facebook event page Black Cat Appreciation DAY!!!!!!!!!! . As of this writing there are well over 33,000 virtual attendees to the Facebook event page honoring our gorgeous black feline friends, and the appreciation day has caught on and spread.

We have seen other pages for it, articles commemorating the day without even realizing Wayne’s hand in the matter, and special adoption events at shelters.

Why August 17, when we usually associate black cats with October and Halloween? Wayne’s sister passed away some years ago on this date at the age of 33, just two months after the passing of her beloved 2o year old black cat Sinbad. While the day honors Sinbad and all black cats, the date was chosen to celebrate the bond we have and the love we share with our pets.

Wayne tells us that his father initially refused to allow a black cat into the family home, so his experience with the archaic yet lingering superstition about them is personal. We thank Wayne for his tireless work promoting this day … we know he has stayed up nights, going days without sleep at times, in his role as ambassador for black cats, for many weeks leading up to this day.

In addition to today’s special event page, Wayne has an appreciation page on Facebook For the Love of black Cats (Black Cat Appreciation Page), which will remain active going forward.

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17 thoughts on “Black Cat Appreciation Day”

  1. Congrats to all black cats. They are so beautiful I cannot understand WHY in the world they are the LAST to be adopted – just DOES NOT make any sense to me whatsoever. BLACK CATS ROCK!

  2. My Pixie was the cutest black cat ever! She was so tiny but boy could she let herself be heard! When she wanted to play chase she would run throught the house and meow as loud as she could until I chased her. She was so cute. I sure miss her. But I have two foundlings that I love and one of them is a tux cat. But I sure liked Pixie’s looks. She had a sleek, shiny black coat that was very soft.

  3. I love black cats. I have one now and he’s a total clown. He’s a little person in a cat body, lol. When it comes time to adopt a cat, I always get a black one. They are so beautiful.

  4. Black cats are my favourite. I have 2 – Marmite and Kiri and I love them to bits. They are very loyal to me and my husband thinks I’m a witch with 2 black cats following me around all day and everywhere I go in the house. Perhaps that’s why he calls me ‘Vic on a Stick!!’ the broomstick doesn’t come out much though!! ๐Ÿ™‚

  5. I’ve done cat rescue in the past & dozens of kitties have lived with me. I’ve cared for all sorts of cats & I’ve formed some favourities. I have had several black cats including a black Oriental & my current black Maine Coon & along with gingers & Himilayans I have to say they are always the smartest cats with the biggest personalities. Get your own mini panther & you will never regret it ๐Ÿ™‚

  6. Lost my little Lucy (booboo) one year ago. she only lit up my life for a year but what a girl!! miss her madly still and I think i always will…

  7. My Black cat Annabelle was feral and timid when I first got her (all 7 pds of her) but now she is the friendliest, possibly-the-most-intelligent cat I have ever had the pleasure to live with….as long as I attend to her every whim.

    Have to go, I am being summoned.

  8. I love my black Cat, Tutsi….

    Especially here in Kenya,with all the witchcraft and taboo’s in African societies, there is soo much MYTH about black cats…

    I have has cats all colours, and love my black one all the same, maybe even more because i know she is special…..

  9. Our black cat Tilly was loving, intelligent, vocal, full of personality and we were so lucky to have her!!! This static is stupid! Adopt a black cat, they are beautidyllic and NOT ‘unlucky’ at all!!!

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