Amazing Bond: Special Needs Kitten & Piglet

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By Adrea


When Sriracha, a special needs kitten with a neurological disorder, had seizures, Batman, a 2-week old piglet, raced to her side.


 boochaces wrote on InstagramSriracha is our special needs foster kitten. She has a neurological disorder called CH. Feline cerebellar hypoplasia is a non-progressive, non-contagious neurological condition that results in walking and balance problems. Sriracha has also experienced seizures due to her condition. The last two days have been HORRIBLE. She has had two seizures. Usually when this happens, she becomes slightly “off” for a few days. Batman is our rescued orphan piglet. He is less than two weeks old now. He has been extra attached to Sriracha today. I swear he knows she has had a bad couple of days and feels the need to comfort her. This is why I do what I do. This is why my entire life is dedicated to the animals. They are the most beautiful things on this planet.

Sadly, little Batman fell inexplicably ill and suddenly passed away a few days ago. But, fortunately, his big brother, Dragonlord, has stepped up to become Sriracha’s new friend.

boochaces shared: A lot of you have been anticipating the meeting of Sriracha and Dragonlord. It went VERY well. As most of you know, Sriracha has CH. A cat with CH often falls down and has trouble walking or cannot seem to walk at all. CH in cats is non-progressive, meaning it does not get worse with age. Cerebellar Hypoplasia occurs when the cerebellum, the part of the brain which controls fine motor skills and coordination, is not completely mature at birth. Sriracha found comfort in Batman. And Batman almost knew what he was doing for her. It was beautiful to watch. Batman’s sudden passing destroyed us all. When we rescued all of his remaining siblings yesterday, it was bittersweet. 

While saddened by Batman’s passing, it is a reminder of the circle of life and the love and affection this piglet had for a fellow animal is a simple demonstration of the power of love. Seems Dragonlord shares the same special gift.  This adorable pair, who are both with rescue organization Rancho Relaxo in New Jersey, are taking Instagram by storm.

Learn more about this wonderful organization at And follow them @Boochaces.

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