Rally Cat Caught in Game of Pickle Between Cardinals & STLFCO

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While everyone cheered that Rally Cat, the kitten credited with bringing the good luck that became a game-winning grand slam from Cardinals catcher Yadier Molina, who was lost, found, and taken in by St. Louis Feral Cat Outreach. But now it seems there are jeers, too.

While the Cardinals made a public announcement earlier in the week they would soon be adopting Rally, it seems the STLFCO had not agreed to that arrangement. In response to the announcement Ron Watermon,  vice of president of communications for the team, shared with St. Louis Post-Dispatch reporter Denise Hollinshed about the cat, STFLCO released the following statement:

It was a disappointment to STLFCO and many of our friends and fans to read the Cardinal’s PR Head Ron Watermon’s comments to the media concerning Rally. It was a totally false statement that STLFCO has committed anything to the Cardinals. We have made no decisions about Rally’s long-term placement. It seems inconsistent with “The Cardinals Way” to make such false statements.

We have neither the PR staff nor the skilled volunteers to engage in a media dialog with Mr Watermon’s old-school PR tactics, so this note will be all we have to say on his position.

We had contacted Mr Watermon earlier this week and we just now got a voicemail reply from him. Our Board Member team consists of non-paid volunteers who have full time jobs outside of STLFCO. Due to our many commitments and complex schedules, we told the Cardinals we’d be delighted to meet later this month, the first time the entire group can meet with them to discuss the situation. Perhaps we can find a way to reach out to the Senior Leadership of the Cardinals (the Dewitts, Mike Whittle, etc) and meet with them, as Mr. Watermon’s perceived bullying tactics shocked us.

We really want to meet with the Cardinals to discuss this opportunity for a win-win-win-WIN for Rally, the Cardinals, STLFCO, and the city of St Louis. STLFCO is a tireless advocate for all homeless cats in the region – and a great friend to many local animal welfare organizations. We truly want what is best for Rally and for every vulnerable cat in St Louis. We hope to connect with other members of Cardinal’s management shortly.

Stay tuned!

The hope is things will be resolved for all parties involved, but maybe there is a bright side to all of this. If awareness is raised for all adoptable cats in the St. Louis area, perhaps folks will rally to give the many waiting in shelter and rescues their own forever homes.


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