All Bets Are On You’ll Yawn, Too

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By Adrea


Everyone knows that yawns are infections.  In fact, according to the website, WebMD, “Contagious yawning is well documented and occurs in response to seeing, thinking or hearing about yawning.”

Even looking at a picture can trigger a yawn.

Humans and chimpanzees have been documented, but there are also indicators that other animals yawning can affect us, too.  A National Geographic article wonders if yawning is more contagious between loved ones, which could explain why when our pets yawn, if effects us.  After all, we do love our pets.

Whether is it attributed to empathy, personal influences, exhaustion, or boredom, it still baffles the scientific community.  That said, we challenge you to try and not get infected by any of these videos!

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