Stray Cat With Vampire Fangs Wins Over His Rescuer

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When Nicole Rienzi was driving down the street a few years ago, she never imagined that she’d happen upon a very special cat. As Rienzi drove, a black kitten darted in front of her car. Rienzi stopped the car and found the kitten, but found that he was very thin and clearly homeless. He was also covered in bugs.

Rienzi knew she had to bring the kitten home with her, so she wrapped him up and headed toward home. After cleaning up and feeding the kitten, Rienzi named him Sergio. But Sergio quickly showed off his wild energy and bold personality, so Rienzi renamed him Monkey, or Monk for short.

But Rienzi was in for another surprise. After Monk lost his kitten teeth, his adult teeth grew in – only two teeth grew far too long. Monk’s top canines turned into fangs, making the black cat look uncannily like a vampire.

Rienzi took Monk to the vet, concerned that his fangs would be a problem. As it turns out, Monk’s fangs were about a quarter inch longer than the average cat’s canines. This sometimes happens with cats, but it’s pretty rare – and the good news is that Monk can function quite normally with his fangs.

Still, Monk garners plenty of attention from people, many of who stop to take his picture. And the fangs certainly don’t bother Monk any – he’s still full of energy, and enjoys playing with Bean, the cat that Rienzi adopted a year after finding Monk.

Want to see more photos of Monk? Then be sure to check out his Instagram page!

All images: monkandbean via Instagram

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