Adopt & Shop Pet Boutique: A Showcase For Shelter Animals

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By Karen Harrison Binette

A recent Adopt & Shop adoption

Last April the Found Animals Foundation opened a boutique pet shop at the Lakewood Mall in Lakewood, CA.  Adopt & Shop has a retail pet adoption centers alongside the shop’s selection of accessories and pet products. Adopt & Shop is part of the growing trend bringing adoptable shelter pets to pleasant retail locations in order to find them homes.

Becky Haas, Found Animals staff member and Adopt & Shop Program Coordinator, was quoted earlier this year, saying “The Adopt & Shop is different from other pet stores because all of our animals are from an animal shelter. So they are all from the SEAACA Animal Shelter in Downey, as opposed to pet stores who get their animals from puppy mills, or breeders, or other places. All of our pets are homeless and are in need of homes… [Our animals] are already spayed and neutered, vaccinated, microchipped, dewormed, and ready to go.”

Found Animals, operator of Adopt & Shop, has recently unveiled its 2012 6 Packs 9 Lives hunks and cats calendar.

Here’s a look at the shop.

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