6 Packs 9 Lives Hunks Calendar Casting Call Catwalk Video & Profiles

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By Karen Harrison Binette

“They gotta look good and they gotta love cats”

Lacey Conner, a judge on the selection committee.

Well said, madam!

We posted on the release of the eye popping fundraiser on September 14 in Found Animals Foundation Unveils 6 Packs 9 Lives Hunks Calendar 2012 but somehow missed the catwalk trials video below that includes commentary from some of the people working on the project along with glimpses from the catwalk. We found video profiles with more catwalk footage from the selection process, too.

This first video below was released in July, in anticipation of the ultra hot, hot, hot beefcake calendar featuring guys posing with their own cats. The professionally produced calendar is a brilliantly conceived fundraising tool brought out by Found Animals Foundation, a private organization working for animal welfare. The foundation provides copies of the calendar free of charge to shelters, who keep 100% of the proceeds from sales.

The Foundation’s mission with the calendar is to encourage adoption of shelter cats, to raise money for shelters, and to have some fun challenging the stereotype of  the typical cat lover.

We get to meet some of the calendar’s hopefuls and chosen hunks, too!

Mr July, Steven.

Mr. June, Michael.

Andrew,  an animal control officer.

Lance, chosen as Mr. March.

Mr. October, Dave.

Mr. January, Ben.

The calendar can be obtained at Foundation for Animals 6 Packs 9 Lives Order Page. The calendar can also be purchased from many animal rescue organizations; purchase from a rescue benefits that rescue directly.

6 Packs 9 Lives was shot by award-winning fashion and beauty photographer, Adam Bouska of  the “No H8” campaign, and published by BrownTrout.

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