Publicity on Boy’s Rescue Effort Brings City to Rescue Kitten

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We reported yesterday on young Victor Danek’s efforts to save some kittens that dashed across a busy roadway in Mission TX and ended up falling down a narrow storm drain, in 14 Year Old TX Boy Tries to Rescue Trapped Kittens. That story included a TV news video which ended with one kitten saved and a food trap left in the drain pipe for the one or more kittens that could be heard crying from below ground. City crews had visited the scene but had not been able to reach the crying kitten or kittens, so they left the trap in case the animals could be retrieved that way. We hoped that the publicity from local outlets might bring someone to the scene who could bring the other kittens up before more time passed.

Yesterday, the city mounted a full force and complicated rescue operation and one kitten was saved. There is no mention of other kittens. Below is video of that operation, with the little saved kitten. Nowhere is Victor Danek mentioned, even though the TV station featured him in its previous coverage of the incident.

Click on the kitten story thumbnail below the video, to view it.

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