Miracle Update: Maine Microwave Kitten Doing Well and Getting Worldwide Support


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By Karen Harrison Binette

fddeeMiracle, the little kitten placed in a microwave for a Vine video, is doing well at the shelter and has many adoption offers. Here is an update on her story from Channel 6 news.

Channel 6 is the station that refused last night to include in their coverage footage from the disturbing Vine video where two 15 year old South Portland, Maine girls seemed to think it was a good idea to place the kitten in a microwave and turn it on.


If you have not yet encountered the original story, you can see our post from last night,Teen Girls Charged, Kitten Safe After Microwave Vine Video is Reported to Police, which includes Channel 6’s original report on the case.

The Animal Refuge League of Greater Portland gained custody of the kitten after her family agreed to surrender her to South Portland Animal Control.

The shelter said today they’d received messages of support and offers to adopt from as far away as Canada and the UK. Due to the many offers received, miracle’s adoption will probably be handled by a lottery.

“A lot of people are interested, obviously she’s a beautiful kitten. We need to get her fat, so she’s going to be going to foster care for a little while and then she’s going to be spayed”, Lynne McGhee of the Animal Refuge League told Channel 6 news today.

Miracle’s story has had a positive effect for other animals from the Greater Portland area, bringing a spike in adoptions from the shelter, helping other deserving animals find homes.

South Portland police spoke about the case today, saying they received dozens of calls after the girls posted the 6 second Vine video to Twitter last Friday, and noting that the case has brought an emotional response from the public.


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  1. Worried about backlash against the girls??!! It’s call CONSEQUENCES FOR BAD BEHAVIOR. Do something heinous? then get ready for a backlash! You did it, you asked for it,deal with it!

  2. Someone should microwave these two idiots…….WTF is wrong with them…..
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