Borys and Walter

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By Karen Harrison Binette

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As petparent to both cats and retired greyhounds, this post, with its lovely photos of a bonded Bengal cat and his greyhound BFF strikes near and dear to my heart. Cats and greyhounds can make the best of friends; mine are, and so are Borys and Walter.

Reddit user Crokaine is a commercial photographer and the  lucky owner of Borys the Bengal cat and Walter the retired racing greyhound. While some greyhounds have a high prey drive and are not suited to homes with cats, many, like Walter, make perfect companions for cats.

Hello again!! By popular request I have uploaded some more images of our two animals, Borys the bengal and Walter the greyhound.

Crokaine uploaded a Bengal & Greyhound Super Album series of photos of Borys and Walter and wrote at Reddit:

“We rescued Walter from a race track in Idaho last year through the Southern Alberta Greyhound Association. The process is quite involved requiring home inspections and interviews to ensure we would be acceptable adopters. If you have any questions regarding the process of adopting I will help to the best of my ability.

“So far Walter has been a great dog requiring very little work at all. When we recieved him he refused to leave the floor mat at the back of our house as it is the only carpet that we have. For the three weeks that it took him to get somewhat comfortable with the hardwood floor we had to lift him and move him which proved impossible for my girlfriend as Walter is 83lbs. Stairs were another challenge that took a couple of months for him to tackle as greyhounds are not exposed to them at the tracks. I’ve heard stories of greyhounds learning stairs very quickly if they are carpeted and have had other friends had cases where their adopted hounds never even bothered with stairs and were content on one level.

“Greyhounds are as lazy as they are made out to be, ours sleeps upwards of 22 hours a day. He does enjoy running when we take him to a dog park otherwise his two 20 minute walks a day are more than enough for him.

“Walter gets along great with cats, in fact he loves them!! Neighbourhood cats come running up to him on our walks and they frequently play together. Our bengal was 12 weeks old when we introduced him to Walter and they have been inseparable ever since.”

You can find more photos and some video of the pair here:  Borys and Walter at Instagram





















This Imgur slideshow includes the images seen above, and more.

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