Help for Hope: A Burned Kitten’s Recovery

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Hope is recovering from terrible abuse injuries, thanks to the woman who found her and the organization that has taken responsibility for her care.


Hope is a 7 month old kitten found a couple of weeks ago near a dumpster in Inkster, Michigan, with severe burns on her back and sides.  The 85 year old woman who found Hope took her home and tried to help her  but, due to the severity of the burns, turned her over to Livonia  organization Tail Wagger’s 1990 so she could get the care she needs to recover.

Tail Waggers 1990 “is committed to helping people help animals,” by providing assistance to pet owners in need and helping animals in emergency situations.

“In my 25 years of doing animal rescue and helping animals in need, this is by far the most severe, sadistic, and sickening animal cruelty that I have ever seen. Whoever would get their thrills out of torturing a cat like this needs to be punished” said Tail Wagger’s Founder Laura Zain.

“I just wanted to cry. Who would do something like that?” says Tracy Howard, vet tech supervisor at Sheehy Animal Hospital.

Hope has had surgery to help with her healing and she is expected to make a good recovery, but there will be ongoing medical needs and expenses over the course of the recovery process.

Tail Waggers has reached out to the local community asking for help, and Hope’s story has been covered on local media.

“We’re not gonna stop until we can show her what’s life’s really all about,” Zain said of the beautiful little cat.

It will be quite some time before Hope is available for adoption.




Tail Waggers posted this appeal that tells Hope’s story at their website:



We get to meet Hope in the news report from WXYZ Channel 7 Action News:

6 thoughts on “Help for Hope: A Burned Kitten’s Recovery”

    What person sets any animal on fire?
    Beats an amimal..?
    The world is seemingly full of messed up people
    whos one aim seems to be
    to do harm to innocent animals!

    Makes me sooooo mad!
    Thank god for people like these who care!

  2. I have no words to adequately express my anguish and outrage. Whoever did this is NOT human. They are ticking time bombs waiting to explode on their next victim. If I lived in this neighborhood, I’d be frightened. If they could deliberately set an innocent, helpless young cat on fire, they are capable of just about any heinous act you can imagine. That day it was this precious little creature. Who is next? I hope everyone contributes a small donation to a reward fund. It is in everyone’s best interest that this monster is found and brought to justice. And, please! Don’t insult the senses of caring, law-abiding people by giving probation. This crime demands a minimum of five years in prison, intense psychological counseling (at the perpetrator’s expense) and at least five years probation. Fines don’t work with crimes like this. You have to really punish people!

  3. Contrary to what you may think, the person(s) who did this are quite human. This type of thing has been taking place throughout history–mostly due to superstitious beliefs. But, although we have grown away from superstitions for the most part, the act of torture still remains. It is more for entertainment than anything else. And, obviously, those that perform these atrocious acts are stupid enough that they must rely on such crude ways to find enjoyment.

  4. I hope the person who did this spontaneously combusts. Karma comeuppance. People like this are beyond sick–I don’t think any kind of counseling will help. Evil is just plain evil.

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