Saving Strays in Qatar


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By Karen Harrison Binette

A video with some success stories illuminates the situation faced by rescuers in Doha, Qatar who rescue and rehome the abandoned pets of a transient population. We provide helpful links for those who want to know more or to help.

As is noted in the video below, many temporary residents of Doha, Qatar keep animals while they are in residence and then abandon their pets when they leave. That leaves other temporary residents, along with permanent residents, to try to rescue and rehome the abandoned animals, who are ill equipped to survive on their own in the country’s desert climate.

The videographer writes:

“This happened pretty much by accident while I was living in the Middle East. I literally opened the door and eight cats came running in… .

“When I found out how big the problem was with strays in Qatar, I decided to take it on as a project – taming the strays (mainly cats), somehow getting them into a carrier cage and taking them to the vet to get them vaccinated, d-wormed, fixed and all the rest of it, house training them and then finding homes.

“The total number of cats I had there was 17, and I also had 3 rabbits rescued from the Souq. However due to the horrific conditions in that place and a sickness that neither the vet or my herbal remedies could cure, we lost the two smaller rabbits, Shadow and Peppers.
I have now moved on from Qatar and am happy to say that after spamming the facebook pages of countless vets and rescue centers with pictures and videos of these cats (and bunny) I finally have homes for all of them except the tabby Montessa and the black cat Raven. They are in a foster home awaiting a loving family.

“This video is now on YouTube to raise awareness that it is so much better to adopt companion animals from shelters. It was originally made to find more people willing to adopt my rescues, and yes, it – and Facebook, has helped a lot.”

For those who want to learn more or become involved, here are some helpful links:

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2 thoughts on “Saving Strays in Qatar”

  1. i found 5 stray 2 days old kitten in my backyard they don’t have a mother 2 died because of hunger i fell sad that there is nothing which i can do for them so can you please help me find a better home for them
    please call me on :-55351860, 44696936, 77335535

  2. Hi,
    Thanks for helping kitties and rabbits ! If everyone just helped and neutered one, the catastrophical situation would change.
    The situation in Qatar is terrible.

    I looked after 65 cats for 5 years myself there and I am lucky that a small rescue team formed and took over from me and continues to spay/ neuter, medicate , feed and rehome as many cats as possible, slowly, but surely.

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