18 Months After Queensland Floods, Missing Cat Maisie Comes Home

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A family member could not shake the feeling that she needed to keep looking for Maisie. That feeling paid off when the woman found her little granddaughter’s beloved cat in a drain.

Seven year old Zahara Reeves got her beloved kitty Maisie as a birthday present when she turned two; then Maisie went missing is the severe Queensland, AUS flooding of 2010. The Reeves family lives in Bundaberg, north of Adelaide.

Parents Sandra and Daniel Reeves told Zahara and her two siblings that Maisie must have found somewhere new to play, but their actual thoughts were that the missing cat had not survived.

From the time Maisie went missing, and for months afterward, Zahara would go outside and call loudly for her missing cat to come home. Sandra says Zahara was still talking about Maisie up to the time she was found.

While the children’s parents feared the worst for Maisie, grandmother Trish Farmer couldn’t shake a feeling about the missing cat.  “I had this really sad feeling about this cat and would go looking for her all the time,” she told the Northern Star.

One rainy day last month, Trish’s persistence paid off when she found a cat that looked just like Maisie in a drain. “I said to the girls, ‘there’s a cat that looks like Maisey’, Trish recalled, ” And the girls said, ‘it’s Maisey, it’s Maisey’. The two girls ran toward her and picked her up and she was purring her heart out.”

That cat was Maisie, who is back at home and back to her old habits. Maisie was thin but not starving when found, leading her family to wonder if someone was caring for her during her absence.



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