Paul the Cat Climbs a Mountain

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Paul on Gray’s Peak
Photos via Paul the Cat at Facebook


Paul the Cat goes on adventures with his outdoorsy petparents and is in the news this week after climbing Gray’s Peak, one of Colorado’s 14er mountains with them last month.  (A 14er is a mountain with an elevation of at least 14,000 feet above sea level. The majority of the 14ers in the continental US are in Colorado.)

Paul is a 2 year old cat from Aurora, Colorado who had a rough start in life but is living the good life now. His family rescued him from the streets as a kitten, and he now enjoys camping, hiking, riding in boats and going most places with his petparents, including going to work with Mom.

Paul gets to enjoy his outings but is not overtaxed or coerced. The introduction to the photos of Paul’s hike up Gray’s Peak says:  “Yes, I hike 14ers with my people. Other people think they are crazy but I love expanding my territory and seeing new places! Plus, they carry me in my backpack when I’m tired so I can see new places without breaking a sweat.”

Paul’s biography at his Facebook page gives some background on this special cat:

A little history and how I became such an adventurous cat. I was born on the streets, in an alley to be more precises, by the Platte River in Denver. My dad found me when I was 8 weeks old, I was the last surviving kitten in my litter. He handed me off to my mom and she took me to the vet and then to my new home. I wasn’t happy about it, I thought I was tough, plus I had picked that man and now this lady had me and I didn’t like her as much but she played with me and fed me so I guess she wasn’t all bad and soon enough my new dad came home and life was good.

They gave me the name Paul that very first day. Some people think it was because of the show Family Guy but really I am named after the Alien in the movie “Paul” because my parents thought I had some of the same personality, a little rough around the edges but lovable all the same. I think the name suits me so I answer to it when I feel like it. For the first few months I thought they had named me “No Paul” because I was always getting in trouble but turns out I just needed to break them in to the fact that I was going to do whatever I wanted and they were going to live with it.

Now I control the house, the car and the campsite. My parents take me everywhere. I go to work with Mom most days and visit Dad on his lunch breaks. We go for walks in our local open space, Mom never lets me kill anything but she lets me practice hunting snakes and rabbits and rodents in the tall grass the city planted. On the weekends we go hiking and we ride bikes (more so I ride in the backpack while my parents ride the bikes). We went to Lake Powell and I made myself at home on the houseboat and the motor boat, and thanks to some nice rangers I even got to see Rainbow Bridge. But my favorite adventure is camping and exploring the mountains with my parents. Don’t worry my parents are very careful (they ruin everything fun) and never let me out on a lead too long or let me off the leash because I have a tenancy to want to explore in the hardest to reach places and I am not always aware that there are bigger dangers lurking in the woods.

I hope you like seeing my adventures as much as I like going on them.




You can see more photos from the Gray’s Peak climb,  along with other adventures, at Paul’s new Paul the Cat Facebook page.


Many thanks to our friend Belinda Barnett of Animals Are Not Garbage for letting us know about Paul’s climb.

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