Xena: Kitten in Need Gets Help and a Home

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Xena, happily at home with her new family.
Photos via Alta Animal Hospital at Facebook


A little kitten who was found with a terrible eye infection by a good Samaritan was helped by a caring animal hospital and now is happily settling into her new home.

Xena was found on the side of the road by a Good Samaritan who noticed her eyes were all gunky and looked terrible and brought her to Alta Animal Hospital in Pocatello, Idaho to get help.

Alta Animal Hospital wrote about Xena at Facebook on July 25, saying:

“Xena first came to Alta Animal Hospital on June 11th, 2014.”

“Dr. [Bart] Gillespie promptly examined her and started a plan for her treatment. Xena’s eyes were sealed shut and full of pus due to a severe infection in both her corneas. Dr. Gillespie, Dr. [Sheena] Haney and their team then set up a treatment plan which included a rigid course of systemic antibiotics and fluids to try to save her eyes. However, after a week both her eyes needed to be enucleated (removed). After 2-days of recovering in the hospital, she was active and well enough to be released to her new family!”

Xena’s story is an example of how Alta’s Pet in Need fund benefits pets in our community.  … Due to the generous donations from the community as well as surgery time donated by Dr. Gillespie and Dr. Haney, Xena was able to receive the care she needed and in turn recovered from her infection and is now living a happy and healthy lifestyle with her new forever family.”

Alta Animal Hospital says Xena was very loving toward staff during her time with them, and that she is similarly loving with her new family.

 Idaho State Journal did a feature on Xena today that provides much more on the story.  The people who found Xena and  brought her to the vet paid her initial medical bill but felt they were not ready to adopt a blind cat.

Xena’s adopter heard about her from an Alta Animal Hospital employee and offered to adopt her before she was offered at the hospital’s Facebook page.

“I know a lot of people would find that [having a blind cat] difficult, which I understand,” Xena’s new petmom Elizabeth Nelson is quoted saying in the Idaho State Journal. “I saw the need, I could and I was willing to do it, so I did [adopt her].”

“My whole life all my pets have been rescue animals,” Elixabeth said. “I’ve learned that you don’t need to seek them out, they will come to you.”


Xena’s eye infection


Xena getting her appetite back after her first eye removal surgery.


Xena getting ready to go home to begin her new life.


Xena getting and giving some love with her new family.

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