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Brunhilda's Road to Recovery

Brunhilda was found on the streets of Detroit, dragging herself along by her front legs. Now, with therapy and a prosthetic, she is learning to walk again. Read more

Anakin & Mika Playing

Miracle cat Anakin, born without a pelvis or hind legs, and new rescued brother Mika, missing past of his hind legs, are playing around “The Favorite Chair.” Read more

Mika, Anakin's New Brother!

Anakin, the miracle kitty born without a pelvis or hind legs, is joined by a new kitty, Mika, a special boy adopted into the family. Mika is missing parts of both hind legs but is a happy and playful boy. Read more

Dottie Gets Help

Dottie was found in a parking lot after something terrible had happened to her. Her hind feet and one ear had been cut off.  She was rescued, and her caregiver and supporters are doing everything to help her.

Read more