Zooeyia: This Funny Word Really Speaks to the Power of a Pet

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By Adrea

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Over 70% of people in America have one pet and children, ages 7-8, will rank pets as being more important than people when it comes to comfort and having a confidant.

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Rustin Moore, who is listed as being a Visionary Veterinary Dean and Zooeyia Advocate, shares some interesting insight into The Power of the Pet. He begins by talking about one animal, “Molly,” who had a tremendous impact on him as both veterinarian and human, a perfect example of the bond between pets and people.  He talks about homeless people who refuse to move into a shelter because they would have to give up their pets. Again, another example of “Zooeyia,” the word that is defined as the human-animal bond.

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Intuitively, this may be something most of us already knew, but sometimes the science behind the reasons why are fascinating.



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