Cat With Bullet Lodged in Spine Makes Full Recovery

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(Naples Cat Alliance)

Someone shot him and left him to die. But Roger Daltry the cat is very much alive and enjoying life, thanks to lots of puppy love and steroids that helped him regain the use of his back legs.

Roger was found near death on the streets of Naples, Florida by animal control officers, according to a story on He couldn’t walk and had no control over his bodily functions. Most vets would have euthanized him. But veterinarian Karen Brown at Collier Domestic Animal Services began giving him steroid injections instead.

After he regained use of his back legs, Roger was moved to  the Naples Cat Alliance, where a dog named Bitsy became his nurse and best friend, as reported by The Dodo. Although the bullet remains in his spine and his tail had to be amputated, Roger continues to improve.


Roger is getting a lot of TLC from Bitsy, whose speciality is babysitting abandoned kittens. Roger is hoping to find a forever home. Interested individuals are encouraged to contact the Naples Cat Alliance or make a donation to the shelter.

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