Make Your Cat a Star!

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Do you want to share your cat with the world? Well, here is your chance.  Life With Cats would love to see your kitty pictures, videos, stories, quotes – whatever you think your fellow cat lovers should hear about!

We will be posting the best things about cats, from you, right here on our website and on our Facebook page so everyone can find out about your amazing feline. When you choose to submit your material to us, you are granting us permission to publish on any of our Life With Cats channels, so be sure to keep your eyes peeled.

If you are a blogger and want us to share, please send us your links, too.

E-mail us with any questions or comments, or to submit your item CLICK HERE. Please note, if you have video to share, please send via email to [email protected] (yes, you read right…Life With Dogs, is our sister site because we love all animals, but especially cats)!

Whether photos, stories, videos, we look forward to seeing YOUR CATS HERE!


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4 thoughts on “Make Your Cat a Star!”

  1. Our Buddy is such a sweet and loving cat. As long as it doesn’t involve other cats. He’s a 100% Momma boy. And I’d love to share video and pictures.

  2. My cat, Don, has a following on Facebook. He has a very expressive face with two different colored eyes and my commentary on his photos is amusing.

    Facebook: We Love Don, the Odd-Eyed Cat

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