Yikes! Kitten survives trip into industrial shredder machine

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By Karen Harrison Binette


A kitten emerged unscathed after going into a recycling center’s industrial shredder, in what is being called a miraculous escape from harm.

The little black kitten was in a box that ended up at a recycling center in Rainham, Essex, UK, where it was fed along a conveyor belt into separating and shredding machinery.

Site supervisor Daniel Coker heard desperate meows from inside the machine and was astonished when the kitten popped out the other side, completely unscathed.

He said: “I can’t quite believe he survived – what a lucky escape.

“The machinery was pretty heavy duty so it was quite some miracle.

“There was nothing I could do when I heard the cat’s cries from inside, but then he popped out the other end on the conveyor belt in between blocks of metal – stressed but unhurt.”

Coker came to the kitten’s aid and contacted the RSPCA. The plant workers named the kitten Stig before turning him over to the animal organization.

Deborah Satchell, manager at the RSPCA Essex branch’s Danaher Animal Home said: “It is hard to say exactly how Stig ended up in that recycling plant.

“He could have climbed into the bin and curled up to sleep or been abandoned in a box and over-looked by bin men.

“The important thing is that he wasn’t hurt, and this kind man spotted him, cared for him, and called us.

“Stig is a little anxious for obvious reasons but is doing well, and we hope we can find him a happy new home soon.”



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