X-Ray Kittens: A View From the Womb

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By Karen Harrison Binette

Houselions, a small Maine Coon Cat cattery in St. Louis, MO practices responsible breeding, having only two litters a year. This late term x-ray shows Bell’s litter of  7 or 8 kittens, due within a day or two of November 18.
X-rays pose a danger to unborn kittens earlier in pregnancy, but are considered safe if done toward the end of  term. The x-ray was taken to determine the size of the litter and to verify that the kittens are growing properly, according to the cattery  in comments at Reddit, where the image was posted.


UPDATE, 11/19:

Bell gave birth to 7 beautiful kittens, November 18, 2012. The babies are 10 hours old here.


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