World Cup “Psychic” Chinese Cat Passes Away

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By Adrea

It was announced that Baidian’er, one of the cats living at the Palace Museum in the Forbidden City, gained fame for his world cup predictions, has, sadly, passed away. (Photo: Weibo)


Baidian'erKnown as the “psychic” cat in China, the famed orange tabby named  Baidian’er, the English translation being “white spot,”  that predicted correctly six World Cup games bracket winners, has passed away according to a posting on social media. Baidian’er was one of the famous feline residents of the Palace Museum in Beijing’s Forbidden City. In celebration of the World Cup, the kitty was given the choice of two bowls of food, each featuring the flag of the competing teams.  He became so famous, the Palace Museum set up a Weibo account, China’s version of Twitter, gaining a massive following.His final prediction,  Argentina over Nigeria, was correct and to be his final one.

Of the more than 10,000 comments received on the museums Weibo page, one fan wrote, “Every time I go to the Forbidden City, I have to go see Baidian’er, take a photo, play for a while, see him sleep on the grass in the sun.”

“Go on living a happy life in Cat Heaven, I’ll see you again.”







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