Woman in Singapore has a Heart of Gold

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By Adrea


Lily Low
Lily Low shows some of the food recently donated to the Lily Low Shelter Photo: Purely Adoptions

She said, in an article on AsiaOne.com, that her late mother was heartbroken when she saw how she was living.  This may have been many years ago, but it took time for her family to understand what she was doing.

Lily Low lives in Tampines, Singapore.  Not considering herself to be a “cat person,” she got her first rescue seventeen years ago when living with her brother.  One became two.  Two became eighty. She had been with an advertising firm as a personal assistant, able to buy and do what she wanted, but she was now pawning her personal things to cover the care of the cats. Eventually, there were complaints and she had to move to the basement of a shop, living off meager funds, many provided by family and people who were becoming aware of her calling.  Her next move found her at a location where there are other shelters and transitioning to working full-time on rescue efforts.


Lily Low shelter
Lily Low Shelter located at Pasir Ris Farmway, Singapore Photo: Lily Low Shelter

She has gone without food for days to make sure the cats are feed and spends each morning cleaning and caring for them.  Although initially family relations were strained, she now received a small allowance and influenced them sufficiently that one of her other sisters is now doing similar rescue work in Malaysia.

Lily Low Shelter two wheeler
From Lily Low Shelter Facebook page: My 2-wheel silver ferrari. The only property i have. Thank god its of no value, else will end up being sold/pawn. “To those who’re going thru d darkest point of yr life, have faith, stay strong, be thankful. To give up what u have for animal rescues, i’ve been thru it all” Photo: Lily Lee Shelter

Low’s work has received attention and people within the animal rescue world are well aware of her presence and impact on the community.  She rarely turns away a request for rescue as her single priority is the welfare of the cats.  She not only takes in kittens and works for find them forever homes, she will take in many older cats whom many are difficult to house.

Lilly Low Shelter Cat Wu
Cat Wu up for adoption at Lily Low Shelter. Photo: Lily Low Shelter
Lily Low Shelter cats
Lily Low Shelter beneficiaries Photo: Lily Low Shelter

A generous spirit, Low continues in her one-woman mission on behalf of the cats of Singapore, still allowing herself a single meal a day, and getting by with the help and support of her family, friends, animal lovers and those who learn about her private cat shelter  and good work via social media.





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  1. I really wanted to get cat wu, the old white one. I’m so frustrated to have such kind of cat but can’t to afford to buy one here in the Philippines because it’s so expensive. She/he is the cat of my dreams. Just want to give that cat a kiss.

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