Whole World Loves This Wobbly Kitten

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A kitten with a wobbly walk and winning ways has found a home with a North Carolina family that knows how to care for special needs pets. The four-month-old black-and-white feline named Olive was adopted from the Watauga Humane Society in Boone, North Carolina after a video of her received 1.4 million views on the shelter’s Facebook page, according to a report by ABC News. Adoption offers came pouring in from as far away as Australia, but the Watauga Humane Society reported that it chose a local family that has experience caring for animals with disabilities.

Adorable Olive in a WHS video. (Picture: Watauga Humane Society)

Olive suffers from cerebella hypoplasia–a neurological disorder also known as Wobbly Kitten Syndrome. “She is a spitfire,” Christy Watson, manager of the Watauga Humane Society, told ABC. “She’s got the biggest personality. It’s like her disorder doesn’t affect her. She plays with other cats and she loves to be held. As soon as she sees a person her motor starts running and she purrs. She’s just the sweetest cat ever.”

Cats with C.H. won’t have any trouble napping. Their symptoms shut down while they sleep. (Picture: Watauga Humane Society)

Watson told ABC News that Olive came to the shelter as a stray on Nov. 15. It was apparent something was wrong with her. The veterinarian determined that Olive has C.H. or cerebella hypoplasia, a noncontagious condition characterized by head bobbing and limb tremors, according to petmd.com. A cat with C.H. may have trouble judging distances and is more prone to falling or flipping over. There are multiple causes that include viral infections, such as distemper, transmitted from mother cat to kitten. Here’s another video of a cat named Sailor with C.H.

Olive’s photo was featured on Instagram’s truly wonderful “Adopt Don’t Shop” photo page, where you can look at many beautiful animals in need of homes.

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