What Happened Here? Reddit Wits Weigh In

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Is this “purrvana” or evidence of of “meowssacre?” This funny photo is inspiring Reddit users to come up with some truly creative posts. “Looks like the knock out gas worked,” quipped one Reddit poster. “So. Many. Bellies,” wrote another. The photo was posted by Reddit user wtfdiditjustdoshit, who captioned it “Paradise.”

Here are some of the other comments by Reddit cat lovers who were both amazed and amused. “Looks like they caught the comet,” observed one Reddit wit. And these: “Whoever’s house this is must be the cat god if they’re able to have this many cats feeling that comfortable to lay flat backed.” Others went to the dark side. “Looks like a kitty suicide pact.”

Many pondered the dangers of touching a sleeping cat’s belly. “I see 5 five painful bear traps, but I’d still go for the belly rubs.” While some were more imaginative: “There’s just something about this picture that makes it look like they’re all velcro’d to the wall under a glass ceiling.” Many were simply gobsmacked: “Oh my goodness, that’s so darn cute.” Or admiring: “That’s the life right there.”

Seriously, did you look at those distended bellies? This crew must have stuffed themselves full of something delicious and decided to sleep it off.



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