This Cat Owner Built a Kitty Kastle for Their Indoor Cats

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When Reddit user DaniReads realized their indoor-only cats were missing out on the experience of living outdoors, they took matters into their own hands. Rather than subject their cats to the dangers of getting lost, being injured, or being killed by another animal, a Kitty Kastle seemed the perfect solution.

DaniReads writes, ” We have two indoor cats. They want to be outdoor cats, so we compromised. They can go outside for air whenever they want, but they are kept safe from predators, cars and escape (mwahaha!). They can access the Palace any time they want. (Presuming we haven’t locked it. We do that occasionally if the weather is particularly bad or if there is an unfriendly cat in the yard.)

Take a look at this impressive Kitty Kastle. Will you be building one in your yard?

kitty kastle 2 kitty kastle 3 kitty kastle 4 kitty kastle 5 kitty kastle 1


Photo source: DaniReads 

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