Vile Valentine’s Day Cat Punching page returns to Facebook


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By Karen Harrison Binette

Screen grab image of the new cat punching page.


Well, the disgusting ‘Valentines cat punching event’ page set up at Facebook by a troll hoping to enrage and engage animal lovers has reappeared as ‘Valentines cat punching memorabilia’ after a successful grass-roots campaign got the original page removed. Thousands of people reported the earlier version of the page to Facebook and more than 20k signed a petition asking Facebook to take the vile page down.

By the time we published our post Sick Cat Punching page removed by Facebook after 20k sign petition, over 26k had signed the petition seeking the page’s removal.

The original page posted photos of dead cats and kittens, images of men holding their closed fists in cats’ faces and posts and comments insulting animal lovers and reveling in violence, torture and death.

The new page is as disgusting, if not more so. Since it purports to be a memorabilia page, some of its posts jokingly offer dead animals to collectors. The page also revels in the media coverage it has gotten, and has posted a link to a story in the Mirror.

We will not include a link to the page, but it can be found by a Google search for ‘Valentines cat punching memorabilia.’

Anyone not accustomed and inured to vile statement and imagery may wish to avoid exploring the page, except briefly to assess its tone for themselves before reporting it to Facebook or signing a petition asking for its removal. Otherwise, you can take our word for it and spare yourself the experience.

A new petition has been started HERE.

The original Shut Down Cat Punching Page petition petition remains active, but has not yet addressed the new page.

Please, if you know of another petition asking for removal of the new page, post it in comments below and we will add a link here. Thank you.


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  1. Really facebook sucks now apparently they don’t care about animals deciding to delete my facebook account if they don’t care about animals

  2. not only should the page be taken down – the perpetrators of the page should be removed from facebook and reported to the RSPCA

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