Update on Monty Boy Cat, the Ambassador of “Crooked” Cats

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By Adrea

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Monty Boy is a special cat.  True, he may be a special needs cat, having been born without a bone in his nose due to a rare chromosomal abnormality which affects the nasal bridge, but more importantly, he is special because he is an ambassador for, as his furparents put it, “crooked” cats everywhere.

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Monty Boy (All Photos  Facebook)

With followings on both Facebook (some 240,000 likes) and Instagram (upwards of 96,000), it is clear to see that he is doing just that.  What is really sweet, though, is the love his furparents show him, and, in particular, this video called “10 Signs You’re a Crazy Cat Guy,” as posted by Michael.  Unconditional love at its finest.


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