Twitter Discovers Rare Caterpillar Cat

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By Samme

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What does your cat do while you’re away?  It will be hard to top this. “I came home to Okome-chan emerging from a cocoon,” observed Japanese Twitter user @naclcats4.

“So this is what you do all day while I’m gone? Go through metamorphosis?” commented Japan based Rocket News 24, which took note of the photo and shared some of the comments posted by Twitter users.

Okome-chan’s photo has garnered more than 11,000 likes and generated some amusing Tweets:

“It’s a caterpillar-cat lol.”
“Does your caterpillar-cat scrunch up and wiggle when it walks?”
“Your cat evolved into a caterpillar! What level was it at?”
“This is amazing. Nothing can bring down my day after seeing that.”
“Wow, you should report this to scientists! First cat-cocoon I’ve ever seen.”

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