Tuxie the President of the CauliflowerEar Cat Club

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By Karen Harrison Binette

What a face! Who could resist it, we wonder? Not City Critters, who pulled him off a NYC euthanasia list last December.  Tuxie’s cute crumpled ears are giving him discomfort and he will soon get surgery, thanks to his friends and a second great organization that helps animals in need.

We learned about Tuxie the gorgeous tuxedo cat today when we saw a link to his new facebook page Tuxie the President of the CauliflowerEar Cat Club, posted by his fellow NYC rescue kitty Jackie the Kitten. Both cats were saved from a very precarious position by the  rescue group City Critters. Since December, Tuxie has lived in three different foster homes.

We wonder how such a handsome 5 year old boy came to be at an animal holding facility where he would be scheduled to be put down. We can run through the usual reasons in our mind but can only speculate why. Luckily for Tuxie, City Critters was able to bring him to safety, offer him for adoption, and get him the medical help that will resolve the discomfort he feels from the damage to his ears.  Some readers may recognize Tuxie’s crumpled, folded ears as being the result of hematoma caused by untreated ear mite infestation.

Tuxie is available for adoption and is listed at City Critters’ Petfinder pages. He has two surgeries scheduled to take care of his ears one at a time. The wonderful organization FOAR (Friends of Animal Rescue) is helping to pay for Tuxie’s operations and is accepting donations toward that end.

Here’s Tuxie’s story as told by his caretakers:

Who is Tuxie? He’s a cat who just wants to relax like any good cat should.

We rescued Tuxie from a euthanasia list back in December 2010. Why? Just look at this face! Pure adorableness! He is also soft like cotton candy and just as sweet.

He was surrendered to the shelter for some reason (or another)… who cares? The important part is that his previous owners neglected a bad case of earmites (years ago) and Tuxie developed hematomas on his ear pinnas, that’s the crumpled, wrinkly parts. Most often, the scarred, crumpled ears just look funny (it certainly gives Tuxie a Scottish Fold’s good looks). Sometimes, however, the ear wrinkles so bad that it obstructs the ear canal. As a result, various goo and earwax accumulates and can’t come out. Poor cat spends his life trying to figure out how to rip his ears off….

Having tried holistic remedies, we realized that more drastic measures must be taken. Tuxie needs surgery, in fact 2 surgeries a few weeks apart as each ear will be fixed separately.

Donations can be made to Friends of Animal Rescue with a note “Tuxie the Cat Ear Surgery Fund”. The organization has a Donate button at their site.

Tuxie speaks for himself on his Petfinder ad, saying:

I think I am very special, ok? I am 5 years young, vaccinated, healthy and totally awesome. I sleep 18 hours a day and love to cuddle. The only thing I need is – you! (and your sofa). Come to meet me and it will be much easier to brave the winter evening together (we can rent “Aristocats”) I am also supersoft. Just FYI.

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  1. He looks perplexed – those darn untreated earmites! I’m sure he will find a forever home soon, adorable boy that he is 🙂

  2. One of my kitties, Maggie, has a scrunched ear. It’s totally folded down and very hard. I have to clean it all the time. She looks absolutely adorable with one scrunched ear and loves to have it rubbed. Tuxie, I think you are incredibly handsome.

  3. From what I could piece togther, Maggie was rescued when she was young and already had the scrunched ear. She became a blood donor at our College of Vet Medicine. She ended up at my vet clinic and I adopted her from there. She’s been with me since 2002. Even thought she was probably neglected as a kitten, I can tell you that has ended up with me in the most loving, caring home. It took her 3 years to not be afraid of me. Now she is a lovebug.

  4. Thanks Life With Cats. Maggie is still sick. But she has the best vet care and they truly believe it’s a stomach issue. She’s always had a sensitive stomach and throws up all the time anyway. She threw up blood for 5 years and they finally figured out after a bunch of tests, she was just a vomiter who broke blood vessels while barfing. She has been quite a challenge in making me worry that she is going to die and then she pulls through like a champ.

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