12 thoughts on “Tough Guys With a Soft Spot”

  1. that’s awesome! cats are naturally very drawn to human in terms of love and affection, and it’s great to see that there are guys out there (including myself) who have a soft spot for these little guys (and girls) 😉

  2. this is so true! every “macho”, confident, good looking boyfriend I’ve ever had, has loved cats! Other guys I’ve met who didn’t are usually kind of smarmy, sneaky and self-concious. weird!

  3. Absolutely wonderful pictures! Thank you to all of the real men out there who will love and help cats… the world needs more guys like them!

  4. REAL men love cats! Since I’ve always had cats in my life, it’s always been a test of whether or not I would like a man. And my kitties could always sniff out an imposter, every single time! lol

  5. When my hubby and I first started dating, I hadn’t had the opportunity to brink my kitty from Nebraska to Indianapolis, and for my 1st b-day with him, he took me back to Nebraska to get my baby, even though he didn’t really like cats and have had only bad experiences with them. Then he met Tiger…and my hubby became a cat man =) (He’s even said that having cats is better than having a dog!)

  6. VERY CUTE pictures. Just go to show that cat can be mans best friend to (not just dogs). I love cats but don’t have any.

  7. HI Sarah – I just wanted to agree with you. Any guy I’ve ever met who didn’t like cats was a controlling, self-centered creep 🙂

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