Thoughtful kitty sends text from vet clinic

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By Karen Harrison Binette

Via Imgur


Well, this must have been a heartwarming text to receive!

Australian Redditor thesciencechick posted the thoughtful message from her cat – or really, her vet – that let her know kitty had come out of dental surgery and was waking up in recovery. The sweet yet practical message also let kitty’s mum know what time she could be picked up to go back home.

Mum introduced the screen grab, writing: “My cat had a dentist appointment today. The vet sent this photo and message when she woke up.”

We’re guessing most of us would love to get similar texts when we’ve left our furkids at the vet’s.

You can see the original post and comments at Reddit and give thesciencechick an upvote HERE.






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