The Little Kitty That Could

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Carmen Bernard of Jacksonville, FL. recently found and adopted this sweetly adorable special needs kitten and set her up with a Facebook page called The Little Kitty That Could. The photo above showing the little blind girl looking into the camera is winning friends for the still unnamed young kitten, who also has a deformed leg. Carmen is determined that the kitten will have the best possible life.

Carmen found the kitten in the middle of the road last Sunday, and at first thought she was a baby opossum. Because of the way the kitten was formed, Carmen initially thought she’d been hit by a car. She took the kitten to the vet first thing Monday morning and learned more about the very special little creature.


The photo at top is accompanied by this description:

“Here I am in all my glory! The vet said I was probably not run over by a car and that I was more than likely born this way. I am about 5 weeks old, can’t see a thing and probably never will. My right leg is so deformed that it actually curls up and over my back. Left side not quite right either 😉 Fronts seem to work fine and I can scoot myself along pretty well.

“The vet gave her 2 options. Put me to sleep or take care of me for the rest of my life because I am something called “unadoptable”. You see where I end up 😉 I am going to get the best chance of a “normal” life starting tonight when I l get to walk (fall and roll) across the keyboard while she tried to write this letter. I have a face (and body) that only a mother could love and I’m glad that she’s mine. Best wishes to you and yours!”

Of course, the kitten has a face that most of us cannot help but love. Carmen is asking visitors to her Facebook page to recommend names.

Kitty’s right hind leg is facing backward, and may be twisted. The has been no diagnosis, as such, but it may be a case of bilateral arthrogryposis, such as the famed Corky from Cats cradle Shelter of Fargo, ND had before surgery. The vet reportedly said kitty’s pelvis and left leg are abnormal. Her little tail is stubby, too.

According to the vet, as shared at the LKTC page, kitty’s eyelids don’t open all the way, and she has no pupilary reflex to light. The vet said it might be possible for the kitten to gain some functional sight in the future.

Kitty is eating soft food from a bowl, and, as Carmen notes, is able to get around. The second video shows her moving around to burrow down into her little nest.

She has some messiness when doing her poos and needs to be cleaned with baby wipes. She is still very young, and it remains to be seen if that will continue to be an issue or not.

Carmen welcomes new “likes” to her The Little Kitty That Could Facebook page.She has already been made aware of Tenth Life Cat Rescue and Leggings For Life, both of whom are experienced helping kitties with similar conditions, and with Anakin, whose condition is different but whose ability to thrive without a pelvis of hind legs is surely inspiring.

This photo shows kitty’s malformed leg.




I think I might be a magician when I grow up. Want to see my vanishing act?


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  1. God bless kitty. I’m worried if Kitty can’t poo right and has to be wiped with baby wipes, will the owner still keep Kitty? I know I would as I don’t mind taking in disabled animals. It wouldn’t be an issue to me but I feel the cat will learn about the litter box soon. I hope she has her furever home now and Kitty, Love you, Merry Christmas and have a blessed wonderful long life.

  2. she is so adorable and i know that if i found her i would love her forever and take care of her as i do spike who has CH

  3. Hope would be a good name for her since you gave her hope by adopting her and giving her a chance at life. I feel sure she will be the best pet you have ever loved.

  4. That is the most precious baby I have ever seen. Both of you are lucky to have found each other. Love that angel furever!

  5. I think that I’d call the kitty Precious. Looks like she has found her forever home.Regarding oops, in the U.K. you can get kitty cat nappies. All the best for the future

  6. “Where” or “how” can we help with this precious baby’s medical bills and health care needs…? Is there a website set up somewhere?

  7. of course her name should be Possum! She may have some struggles in her life, but with God, all things are possum-ble 🙂

  8. She has such an angelic face and demeanor, the first name that came to mind was “Angel”. She is so beautiful and so is her adoptive Mom!

  9. How about Papillon? That’s French for butterfly (bet you knew that) because you saw inside her little body (like a cocoon) to the beautiful spirit inside and transformed her from “unadoptable” to treasured!

    You both have beautiful spirits! Thanks for seeing her with love, not limitations!

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