The Cats’ Lodge: Future Italian Bed & Breakfast Has Mission to Save Strays


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Plans are well underway for a unique Bed & Breakfast concept that is, as the owner says, “the evolution of the cat cafe.” The Cats’ Lodge will be located only 30 minutes from Rome, situated in the medieval town of Calcata, Italy.

 - Il Casale dei Gatti

Leandro Fenili, who is developing The Cats’ Lodge, shared it will be in “Parco del Treja,” which translates to Treja River Park, and features area attractions such as Lake Bracciano, which is volcanic in origin, and Martignano Lake, which fills a small crater, and, of course, the the beautiful Treja River. The stunning countryside is equally perfect for the sporting life or  a romantic picnic.

The Cats’ Lodge will be housed in a one hundred-year-old manor that is being completely refurbished and will be comprised of 5 apartments and two rooms. With a beautiful garden and access to the forest,it is the stuff of which dreams are made, particularly for cat lovers.

 - Il Casale dei Gatti

Billed as a “social enterprise,” the unique B&B aims to rescue about 100 cats to be residents at the manor, having the run of all the public spaces, such as the lobby area, but will also be provided with their own private space should they want some quiet time.  Guests will be encouraged to interact with the cats and, ideally, find one (or two) to adopt.  When a cat is adopted, another cat will be rescued and brought into the fold.

Finili, who is partnering in this venture with his sister, has a BA in Business and with more than ten years of experience, not to mention a love of cats and the desire to create an entrepreneurial solution for helping stray cats, he is well positioned to take on this venture.  Coupled with multiple years as volunteers working with feral cats, the siblings are poised to take on this social adventure.

Their Mission Statement, “Offer love and protection to feral cats, and a little cat-cuteness to the human guest!,” they will begin The Cats’ Lodge Indiegogo campaign in early December with a targeted opening in September, 2017.

 - Il Casale dei Gatti

To learn more, visit The Cat’s Lodge Facebook page. Be sure to check out the free weekend promotion and follow their progress on Twitter, too.

The Cats’ Lodge Mission: - Il Casale dei Gatti

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