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By Karen Harrison Binette


Meet Nero, the enormous black Maine Coon Cat, whose size in the photo above is magnified by his vet’s petite stature!

Nero is a remarkable-looking 5 year old cat who could easily be an ambassador for black cat adoption.

The Huffington Post spoke with Nero’s petmom, Victoria Timian for recent feature article, in which she says her big and strikingly handsome kitty “is a mellow dude, very friendly and loving.”

Victoria notes that the typical reaction when people first see Nero is: “Wow, that’s a big cat!!”

She would like his sweet personality and attention-getting appearance to inspire others to adopt black cats.

“Black cats are the some of the sweetest cats around,” she is quoted saying at Huffpost. “Nevertheless, they are the last to be adopted.”

Nero weighed about 5 pounds when Victoria adopted him as a 12-week old kitten in 2009. He weighs about 25 pounds now, which is in keeping with his great size. Maine Coons, as most cat lovers know, are a very large breed, as are Maine Coon mixes.

The Maryland kitty gets his vet checkups at Cat Sense Feline Hospital and Boarding, Inc in Bel Air, where he was photographed with 4’11” veterinarian-owner Anne Sinclair. He got a lot of attention when Dr. Sinclair posted the photo to Facebook in 20014, and again when she re-posted it in August for Black Cat Appreciation Day.

Watch Nero and Victoria in a video feature (which gets going after an intro that goes on for nearly a minute):




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