Helpless 8 Day Old Kitten Finds Forever Home, You Won’t Believe What She Looks Like Now!

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Chloe was once motherless, homeless, helpless and in danger of euthanization, but she was rescued in the nick of time. Now she is all grown up, has found a wonderful home and is more beautiful than ever!

Chloe was found on the street at just 8 days old and ended up at the high-kill Downey, California shelter, brought in at the end of the day. The unweaned kitten would be euthanized if if a rescuer and foster caregiver could not be found who were willing to take her and could get to the shelter by closing time.

Fortunately for Chloe, Burbank’s Cats at the Studios rushed to the shelter and saved the little innocent’s life. She thrived in foster care and has positively blossomed since being adopted into her forever home.

We shared Chloe’s story, as told by Pet Collective, in our earlier posts from March and April of this year, Chloe’s Touching Tale and Helpless Kitten Rescued At 8 Days Old, Now Eyes Opened And Being Socialized.

Watch the latest update on Chloe that shows how beautifully life has turned out for her:




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