Temptations Catterbox Collar Translates Meows Into Human Speech


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Image source: TemptationsLab.com
Image source: TemptationsLab.com

How many times have you wished you could understand exactly what your cat was trying to tell you when he meowed? Cats are talented in getting their message across, but still, when your cat is yowling at 2:00 am, a translator sure would come in handy.

Well, it’s here. The Temptations Lab (a “research workstream dedicated to the future of fun times with your cat”) has invented the first ever cat collar which translates your cat’s meows into human speech. It’s called the Catterbox, and is 3-D printed. The collar was created by adam&eveDDB, an advertising agency, and is designed according to the research and learnings of the Temptations Lab.

The prototype for the Catterbox has just launched, and the collar itself contains a microphone and a speaker, and runs on Bluetooth technology and wifi. You can choose from four different colors. When the collar is placed on your cat, it recognizes your cat’s meow and translates the messages into human words. You can then hear your cat “speak,” and can even choose a voice for your cat using the Catterbox app. Be sure to check out the video below for more information.

Of course, it’s unknown just how accurate the Catterbox’s translations may be, but it could be a fun way to get to know your cat better. You can learn more about the Catterbox on the Temptations Lab website.


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  1. It’s not a scam it’s just for fun. There’s no one taking anyone’s money for it. Even if they did it would be sold as an entertainment device not a real thing, come on.

  2. hello

    Who sells this device that I can hear what the cat says what it says to me and what does it cost ? it can be used to the dog ? grateful for answers

  3. Is their one of these collars for human owners that translates what they’re saying into meows so that I can understand what he’s going on about all the time

  4. I would like to know price or be part of the research team and give feedback. My cat is very talkative and this is really neat

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