Swiss Cat Shows Injured Hiker the Way Home

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Imagine being on a solo hike in the beautiful Alps when you suddenly twist your ankle only to realize the return trail is closed. What started out as a lovely afternoon walk suddenly turns a bit, um, scary.  While in some instances, this could be an experience with poor consequences, if you happen to be in Switzerland, near the village of Grimmelwald, a surprising trail guide may materialize and show you the way back.


That is exactly the scenario a Hungarian hiker, who posted his experience on Reddit, encoutered. Seemingly out of nowhere, a black and white cat appeared and began making friendly overtures.  Thinking it might be a fun bit to share with family and friends, being out in the middle of nowhere with a sprained ankle and no foreseeable way to get back the way he came, if nothing else, it was an amusing diversion while he sorted out what to do.  Then a strange thing happened.


Seems the kitty knew a thing or two about the area and, while constantly checking back in on the man hobbling along behind her, led him straight back to the village


Interestingly enough, this man is not the only hiker to have been greeted by this feline.  In fact, several others have indicated meeting the same cat, who, as it turns out, belongs to a couple in the village who own a hostel.  An Imgur user posted the photo above to confirm the sighting.

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It seems in this village there is no question as to who is the rightfully due recipient of visitor accolades.  And who needs a St. Bernard when your village has one of these to lead the way back to safety?

Below is a shorter segment of the video with captions.


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