Sweet Alternative to Grumpy Cat: Smiling Rey

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By Adrea


smiling rey

Could she be any cuter?  It is hard to resist an adorable ball of fluff, anyway, but when she comes with a permanent smile? Who are you kiddin’?  Or is it kitten?

smiling rey Photo by @coen.ava.rey 3
Photo by @coen.ava.rey


smiling rey 2

Rey, timely named for the Star Wars character, was found by a hunch.  The owners, who live in Salt Lake City and already have two cats, told Love Meow they were “immediately smitten with her!,” when seen at the shelter.  The fact that Rey shares her birthday, September 12, with the same day the couple was wed which just validates the kismet.

smiling rey Photo by @coen.ava.rey 4
Photo by @coen.ava.rey
smiling rey Photo by @coen.ava.rey
Photo by @coen.ava.rey

Follow Rey on her Instagram account for updates on this sweetie who is sure to take the Internet by storm.  Grumpy Cat may need to step back a bit.  Looks like smiles may soon be the fashion.

smiling rey Photo by @coen.ava.rey 2
Photo by @coen.ava.rey


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