Stripy Remains in Her Condemned Apartment Building After a Fire


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By Karen Harrison Binette

Stripy was spotted in a window of her burned out apartment building on Friday, three days after a fire made it off limits to residents. A woman will have to appear in court for breaking a window in her efforts to free the cat.

Stripy is one of the residents of an apartment building at 239 High St. in Watertown, NY that is now off limits after an arson fire last Tuesday caused it to be deemed unsafe.

Stripy was unaccounted for after the fire until she was spotted in the window on Friday. “I was like, wait, didn’t they say all the cats died,” said Holly Garrow, a friend of the tenants. “Stripy was sitting in the middle window,” said tenant Sophia Fuhrman.

Holly and Sophia made calls to get help, but said no one responded.”We called everybody to get it out and nobody would help us,” according to Sophia. The two women, as seen in the video below, got the window broken open, but Stripy did not show herself again. Holly noted that the open window is Stripy’s way out when she’s ready to leave, saying “If she comes right up there, she’ll come out”.

The Watertwon Daily Times reported today that Sophia Fuhrman was charged Sunday night with fourth-degree criminal mischief for punching out the window in the apartment building on Friday afternoon. A police report indicates she was frustrated at getting no assistance from the police and fire departments in her search for the cat. Fire Chief Dale C. Herman said that firefighters had already searched the premises for the cat on Friday morning, with the building owner’s consent.

There is no word today on whether Stripy has left the building yet.

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  1. Police and Fire wouldn’t come back when poor Stripey was spotted? What the heck?! Were they just going to let that poor cat stay in there and starve to death??!!! They should be ashamed of themselves!

  2. Bad writing is so irritating! Stripy the cat didn’t torch the building — Joshua Metzler allegedly did!

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