“Street Cats” Photo Contest Seeks Talented Amateurs


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Cat conscious photographers are being invited to enter “Street Cats,” the fifth annual photography competition organized by International Cat Care. You could win 500 pounds and help shed light on the plight of stray cats everywhere.

The contest began April 1 and will be accepting entries through May 15, 2017, according to Katzenworld. The popular cat blog Katzenworld reports that the charity is interested in photographs of stray cats, including feral cats and community cats. The photos should “capture the character of these amazing cats surviving without owners and reflect the reality of a life on the streets, in order to inspire change and raise awareness of the plight of street cats.”

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“Life on the streets is tough for cats yet they are brilliant survivors,” Claire Bessant, Chief Executive of International Cat Care, told Katzenworld.  “As well as risks from disease, road accidents and casual cruelty, they can also face threats from eradication programs which may employ barbaric methods to reduce feral populations.”

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Last year’s photography competition attracted  3,400 entries from photographers in 51 countries.  “You don’t need to be a professional photographer or have fantastic equipment to enter,” explained Eve Davies of International Cat Care. “One of last year’s winners, Nic Howett, took his winning image using a mobile phone!”

For more information, click on this to go to International Cat Care’s page.

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