Strange Cat Laws

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The internet is chock-full of bizarre facts and information. Included in this stockpile of strangeness are several sites that outline some of the craziest pet laws in the U.S.  Laws governing our feline friends are among the most peculiar! Some of these are present-day laws and some may have been eradicated (one would hope); however, all of them are worth a chuckle.

In French Lick Springs, IN, all black cats are required to wear a bell on Friday the 13th.


In Ventura County, CA, cats are required to hold a permit before engaging in sexual activity.


Cats in International Falls, MN are forbidden to chase dogs up telephone poles.


In Kentucky, dogs can legally fight with each other, but aren’t allowed to fight with or bother cats.


Want to take a lion to the movies in Baltimore, MD? Sorry, the law forbids it.


In Duluth, MN, cats cannot legally sleep within the walls of a bakery.


California cats must take their mating activity at least 1,500 feet of a tavern, school, or place of worship. And those Ventura County cats better have their permit!


In Zion, IL, don’t even consider giving a lit cigar to a cat. It’s against the law.

I’m sure we all agree that many laws surrounding cats are beneficial in keeping our companions safe and healthy.  A few, however, are just plain weird!

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