Storytime: Little Girl Reads to Her Sleepy Kitty

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By Adrea

There is something endearing about a young child reading a story and even more adorable when it is to a cat who appears to be as enamored with the shared tale. This sweet video has captured the many folks who have had the pleasure to view it, with Abby reading to a captivated Bailey

Folks on Twitter have commented on how chill the ginger is during storytime, with one person tweeting, “I don’t understand how this cat can be so chill. Bailey is the cat everybody wants to have but almost nobody does.”

Then, there is the kitten who likes to do his own reading.

There have been other instances of kids and kitties where books have created a common bond. Jadon and Cinders have a special relationship, too. Jadon had always  been wary of animals, but when his family adopted a pair of Maine Coons, Cinders and her littermate Truffles, there was a bond between the two. And it continues through reading.
Reading programs for children who are working on those skills have also found dual purpose for shelter cats. Those, like Once a Paws a Time, pair elementary kids with homeless cats in an effort to help socialize the felines and give them a greater opportunity to find a forever home and their own happily ever after.
“We let them read aloud to a cat, and it just does something really special,”  “These cats aren’t going to correct their pronunciation,” said Liz Ford of the Iowa City Animal Care Center about the Read to the Paw program. “The cats are soothed and socialized by the young reader’s voice, and students are able to strengthen their reading skills and build confidence by reading out loud in front of a non-judgmental audience.”

The first program of this sort was established by the Animal Rescue League Burks CountyBook Buddies was created for children in grades 1-8, inspiring many similar programs across the country. It’s a win-win for literacy and cats, so check your local area rescues and shelters for similar programs.

And if you want to see more of Abby and Bailey, check out Erin Merryn’s Twitter feed. Particularly adorable? Abby serenading Bailey with You Are My Sunshine.


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