Spinning Cat Optical Illusion

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Do you primarily use the right side of your brain or the left side? Some say the optical illusion kitty knows the answer to that question…

Focus on the spinning cat. Do you see him spinning clockwise or counter-clockwise? It is said that if you view him spinning clockwise, you are more of a natural right-brain thinker; counter-clockwise spinning indicates primarily left-brain thinking. If one concentrates, the direction of the spinning can actually change. In which direction is the kitty spinning for you?

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  1. I see it counter-clockwise, which completely clashes with how I am. I’m pretty much all right-brain as far as the listed stuff goes. Odd.

  2. At least I know I have a brain because this optical illusion kitty is driving my mind crazy. It see is going counterclockwise, except for one time when I blinked, it switched, but just for a few seconds. I’m left handed and am supposed to be right brained, but this would indicate I’m left brained. I took a test once that said I use both parts of my brain equally, which would make sense because although I’m left handed, I do many things with my right hand. All I want to know is if this a late April Fool joke?????????

  3. Got back from the dentist and looked at it again and it was spinning counterclockwise. Then I remembered I had to turn up the furnace and it suddenly started spinning clockwise. When I got back to the computer, it was going counterclockwise again until I thought about what my brother and sister would see because I sent them the link. It immediately started to rotate clockwise again. This is just so amazing to me. I have sent this to almost everyone I know to try an get a better explanation because someone out there must have a much “smarter” brain than I do. LOL!!!

  4. i can see the spinning cat . spin clock wise and counter clock wise. so i hink i use boh sides of my brain. thats cool

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