Silky Smooth Kitty Vies For Most Photogenic

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By Samme

(Image: Smoothiethecat/Instagram)

Those emerald green eyes! That silky hair. And she can’t take a bad picture. Smoothie the cat is quickly becoming a social media darling celebrated for her photogenic qualities. She’s been called “the most gorgeous feline in all the land.”

(Image: Smoothiethecat/Instagram)

You will not be surprised to learn that this British Longhair has her own Instagram account: @smoothiethecat.

(Image: Smoothiethecat/Instagram)

She has 123,000 followers on Instagram. Is she really “the world’s most photogenic cat?”

The UK’s Metro called her “the Queen of Instagram.”

(Image: Smoothiethecat/Instagram)

Most of us still hold a special place in our heart for the ordinary moggie. But deep down inside, beneath that perfect cover girl exterior, Smoothie is just a kitty who prefers a little quality time in a cardboard box.

(Image: Smoothiethecat/Instagram)


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